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G26 my church


G26 – my church. What does this stand for? G26 – is first of all an abbreviation, and a house number is plainly hidden beneath it: Gagarinstr. 26 in Gera. This is where we „live“. There is our church. We expect that many people will find the way to that place. About 140 Persons, children and grown ups meet here every sunday to celebrate the service in the 2010 renewed chapel.

Therefore our address is a programm as well: G26 – we invite you to come here. We wish that all kinds of people will find us and feel so comfortable that they will come back. We are a church for Gera and its inhabitons. We see this city and that region as the spot where God has placed us. We believe that God has a plan for our city. We want to help let God’s love to be felt. We pass on a living hope, because the living God grants us this hope. 

G26 – my church. One could also say congregation. We call us congregation, because we are no big church, like the roman-catholic and the lutheran church are in germany, but a small Free Church. The international name is baptist church. In german history the bapists and the brethren were under tteh pressure of the nazis in 1939 united, so there name is: “evangelisch-freikirchliche Gemeinde”.

Christians and such persons who are interested in Christianity and being a Christian (maybe interested critically, too) meet in G26. We Christians regard ourselves as people who were addressed to by God having experienced that Jesus Christ gives a new life and is the way to God. We have found a personal faith, which we do not want to keep for ourselves.

G26 – my congregation. We are a community of volunteers. Every member enters on their own initiative, usually by baptism, that we call baptism of faith and which is performed to adults (or young adults) only. And we are a congregation, where everybody joins in. Everyone may and shall find their position. Everybody gets the opportunity to help and shape with thereby. Thus the services or other events for instance are realized by several fellow workers. The pastor is (just) one of them. Someone stands on the platform, another at the door, at the bookstall, at the coffee machine, at the keyboard, or at the broomstick. There are programmes for kids parallel to the service. Many members of the community commit themselves to family circles, work with senior citizens, visiting services, prayer circles and many other things. The members of the community also bear the costs for the congregation by voluntary donations. There are no church-taxes and no fixed membership fees. It applies to all together: I join in with my possibilities in my congregation.


Our church partners with a baptist church in Rostow on Don, Russia. We donate their work and visit each other. We would appreciate to find another partner in the United States. Its a dream of peace and reconciliation: Christians from the USA and the former UDSSR meet in Easter Germany.